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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ding Dong Ditching

For Family Night, we are going to go DING DONG DITCHING!  We bought individually wrapped Ding Dongs at Costco (around 24 for $5.99).  Put them in a bag, slap on this fun note, and then put them on someone's porch as you ding dong ditch.  My boys are very excited for this new tradition.

Feel free to use and share the sign I created.

Update - We went Ding Dong Ditching and it was a huge success.  Kids and teenagers alike thought it was super dooper fun and clever.


Susanna said...

Sooo good idea! There are no Ding Dongs in Finland (where I live) so I have to apply this idea :D Thanks for sharing ! :)

Stephanie said...

Love it. I think my boys will love it too. Cute handout.