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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Primary Talk - Having Good Friends Will Help Me Choose the Right

Here is a talk that my son is giving in Primary tomorrow.  There is a small object lesson in this talk.  Check with your Primary Presidency to make sure it is okay to do.  The object lesson is writing the word "FRIENDS" on the chalkboard and then having a child wipe their hand on it to show that the chalk rubs off on the hand like friends rub off on you.  In order to prevent chaos, choose the object lesson participant in advance.



Everyone needs good and true friends. The friends you choose in life can have a big impact on the way you act. Friends can influence what type of clothes you wear, the type of music you listen to, what you believe, the words you use, the way you treat others, and the list goes on and on. In other words, friends can rub off on you.

Could someone please come up to the chalkboard.  You’ll notice the word FRIENDS on the chalkboard.  Please rub your hand on the word.  What is on your hand?  Chalk.  Just like the word FRIEND rubbed off on your hand, friends can rub off on us.  Since friends “rub off” on us or influence us, it is important to choose friends wisely.

To have good friends, be a good friend. Show interest in others; smile and let them know you care about them. Treat everyone with kindness and respect. Do not bully. Make a special effort to be a friend to those who are shy or lonely, or have special needs.

If your friends try to get you to do things that are wrong, be the one to stand for the right, even if you stand alone. You may need to find other friends who will support you in keeping the commandments.

I challenge all of us to try to be a good friend and pick good friends.

Click HERE for a good article about friendship.  Some of this talk was taken from that article.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your Primary talk and object lesson. It will be a help to our ward's children tomorrow ... and hopefully, going forward!

- from east of Toronto, ON

Jessica said...

Thank you for posting- I'm our wards' primary secretary and because of a mix-up with the news letter I wasn't able to assign anyone for a talk tomorrow. That means I'm looking for a back-up right now and this is a huge help! I'm so happy you posted this tonight instead of tomorrow! :)

Nicole said...

Thank you thank you! My daughter is suppose to give a talk tomorrow and we just moved into a house and have been way too busy to come up with a talk. You just saved us :) What a cute idea!

Pam said...

Glad the talk idea was helpful. My son had a blast giving his talk and held the Primary kids' attention the entire time. The talk wasn't too long and it had an object lesson which helped I'm sure.