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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Chore Monster

We have a chore monster at our house.  It haunts me and taunts me.  I have decided to conquer it!

I've tried elaborate systems in the past.  I've tried allowances.  I've tried paying by the task.  I've tried bribery.  I've tried blackmail.  I've tried guilt.

None of these techniques have worked.

So I decided to simplify.

I will only conquer the tasks that drive me nuts....

dishwasher emptying, vacuuming, mopping, bathrooms, dusting, windows and shutters.

Sure, they'll get other chores thrown at them at random times depending on my mood and how busy I am (like pick up the dog poop, help with yardwork, wash the cars, etc.) but they won't be assigned and required.

So here's my two simple charts to go on the fridge.  They will be attached with magnets.

First one is for emptying the dishwasher.  This will rotate clockwise.  Whoever has their name on top gets to empty the dishwasher.  You'll notice my name isn't on there because I end up doing the job when no one else is around and I usually fill the dishwasher mainly because I am seriously awesome at cramming a ton of dishes in there and maximizing space.
 My second chart has two pieces.  The green part is attached with a brad to the blue part.  It rotates clockwise.
I'll let you know how it goes.... wish me luck!

By the way, I've given up on making them keep their rooms tidy.  As long as they don't mix the dirty and clean clothes on their floor or have disgusting things in there, they can own their messes.  The only time I go psycho on the room cleaning is when people are coming to stay at our house and the guests have to sleep in the kids' rooms.  Then they have to do an awesome and thorough job.  In the meantime, I just shut their doors.  My youngest keep his room clean because he doesn't want to be embarrassed when his friends come over to play Legos in his room.  There are just some battles I don't want to fight.

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