Monday, August 22, 2011

Ready to Change?

We all have hurts, habits and hang-ups that we need to deal with.  Lots of times it is easier to ignore the problem, but eventually we reach the point where we are ready to change.

I love this saying....

"When the pain of the problem gets worse than the pain of the solution, we'll be ready to change."

If you are puzzled over the meaning of that statement and need an example of what it means, just think how desperately ready to face labor and delivery the ninth month of pregnancy makes most women.
(from "He Did Deliver Me from Bondage" by Colleen Harrison)

I highly recommend Colleen Harrison's book.  Under the title on the cover of her book it says "using the Book of Mormon and the Principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as They Correlate with the 12-Step Program to Overcome Compulsive/Addictive Behavior and Other Problems."

So for those of you dealing with problems, addictions, habits and hurts, I wish you luck in finding your personal solution.  While there are many individual solutions to problems, they all come from the same source - Our Savior, Jesus Christ and His Atonement.

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