Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Candy Turkeys

For Teacher Appreciation in November, we will highlight several teachers a day.  We'll call them our "Turkeys of the Day" and then say their name, grade level, and one interesting fact about them.  They will receive one of these turkeys on their special day.

I designed these little turkeys for this event.  I bought 4 oz little containers with lids at Smart & Final.  Then I cut out feathers from cardstock and made a cute turkey head.  I used a circle punch for the head, a small circle punch for the whites of the eyes and a hole punch for the black part of the eyes.  I used a small square punch for the yellow beak and then cut it in half to make a triangle.  I used a flower punch for the gobbler thing and cut it in half.  On the back, I used tape to hold on the feathers.  I used a "puffy dot" for scrapbooking to attach the head to the plastic.  I filled the containers with butterscotch candies since they matched and were cheap.

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