Sunday, March 24, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Teacher Appreciation Week will be May 6-10, 2013.  I'm in charge of making cute little handouts to go in the teacher mailboxes each day that week.  I thought I'd share my ideas in case anyone wants to use them.

You may wonder why there are two handouts stuck together.  Well, I designed them so that I could send them to Costco (or whatever photo place) and print them as 4x6 pics and then just cut them in half and attach them to the candy.  It seemed a lot easier and more affordable than printing them on my printer at home.

This handout goes with "Caramel Apple Sugar Babies" candies.  They are surprisingly yummy but probably terrible for your teeth!

I bought some mini "Three Musketeers" bars right after Valentine's Day that were strawberry flavored with dark chocolate around them.  Quite tasty!  You could also use this handout with chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry licorice, or any strawberry flavored item.

I also bought some individual size "Reese's Pieces" candies and will attach this saying to it.  Another cute idea would be buying the pieces in bulk and putting them in a cute little container or bag.  I think Reese's Pieces are an under-appreciated candy.  If they were good enough for ET, they are good enough for the teachers, right?  (NOTE:  When I went to Costco to get these printed, the first graphic below wasn't very bright orange so I designed a second one that is brighter and matches the Reese's Pieces packaging.  Feel free to use either one).

Here's a handout I made to go with a little baggy of Hershey's kisses.

I will do a few more fun things but I thought I'd share what I designed already.  I'll post more ideas

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Lisa Johnson said...

Thank you SO SO SO MUCH for making these and sharing them.
You are incredibly talented.