Sunday, May 5, 2013

Teacher Appreciation - Donuts, Popcorn, Dips (Printables)

For Teacher Appreciation, we put out treats and snacks for the teachers and staff several times during the week.

One of the days we are putting out a bunch of DIPS.  Veggies & hummus, crackers & artichoke dip, chips & salsa, etc.  We have several teachers who don't like to eat sugar and junk-food so I am trying to offer some healthier snacks that are still yummy.  I'll put this graphic up on an easel.  I printed it at Costco as an 8x10 picture and it looks awesome!

We have a great connection for delicious donuts at an extremely discounted price so we'll have donuts one of the mornings.  This is the 8x10 picture that I'll display with the donuts.  Of course most of my stuff involves cheesy puns.

I know the teachers will absolutely love popcorn day tomorrow.  At Costco, they sell different types of popcorn in bags.  I think they just started selling these in the past few months and they are super popular.  One of the popcorn bags is "Sweet and Salty" (kettle corn) and is addictive!  They also offer a "Nearly Naked" popcorn that is just popcorn, healthy coconut oil, and sea salt.  Yummy and fairly healthy.  The third kind of popcorn is not remotely healthy but is incredibly delicious.  It is "Chicago Style" which is a mix of cheese popcorn and caramel popcorn.  I am not a huge fan of the cheesy popcorn but it is delicious as a mix.  I first had this when we visited Chicago several years back.  Here's the picture/poster I am displaying with the popcorn.

Whatever we do, the teachers are just thrilled.  They love to feel appreciated and valued.  And I love that they put up with all my puns and themed treats and goodies. :)

I used Stampin' Up's My Digital Studio along with some generic graphics from Microsoft to make these signs.

PS Here are some additional signs that I made for my sister-in-law's school.  I changed the popcorn one to included different flavors.  She got a local bakery to donate cookies for all the teachers.  I think she put out some candy with the last poster.


Erin said...

Pam, these are awesome! You are so creative and talented! I would have loved all these things as a teacher.

Erin said...

Pam, these are awesome! You are so creative and talented. I would have loved all of this when I was a teacher!

Pam said...

Thanks Erin! You are so sweet. Since I have been subbing for a few years now, I really realize how much it means to teachers to feel appreciated. They work SOOOO hard! :)