Thursday, June 13, 2013

Primary Talk - "If I Live Worthily, the Holy Ghost Will Help Me Choose the Right"

Imagine you have a special friend that you really love to be around.

A friend who helps comfort you when you are sad or scared. 
A friend who makes you have a warm, happy feeling in your heart. 
A friend who encourages you to do kind things for others.
A friend who helps teach you right from wrong. 

You’d probably want to invite a special friend like this to your home.  You’d probably clean your house and plan some things to do that would make your friend feel comfortable and welcome.  When your friend arrived, you’d listen carefully to that friend.  You may even tell your friend how glad you are to be with him or her.

The Holy Ghost is a special friend to you. The Holy Ghost can bring feelings of warmth, love, peace, joy, and can help you want to do good. When you feel the Holy Ghost with you, thank Heavenly Father for this blessing. The Holy Ghost is one of the greatest gifts Father in Heaven can give you.

Just as you’d like to nourish a good relationship with a friend, the companionship of the Holy Ghost can be encouraged in much the same way.  We need to be our best and be worthy to have the Holy Ghost with us.

Here are five ways to live worthy to have the Holy Ghost with us.

Keep our bodies and minds clean.

Have faith.

Avoid sin.


Read and ponder the scriptures.

If you do these things, you never need to feel alone, for you will have the most important companion and friend of all—the Holy Ghost.

The above talk is based on these articles from The Friend magazine:

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pedey said...

Thank you for sharing this! Saved the day at 11:51pm on a Saturday night. LOL Tomorrow will be much less stressful because you were willing to share your talk. THANK YOU from Nevada!