Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wedding Reception - Coral & Gray Color Theme

Our family friend, Eryn, was married last weekend.  We've known Eryn since she was in elementary school and consider her (and her whole family) to be "Framily" - friends who are like family.

The reception was just beautiful so I thought I'd share pictures.  They had a wedding coordinator do all the decorations for the reception and she also worked with the caterer so Eryn's family could just relax and not worry about any planning, prep or clean up. I highly recommend that if you can afford it.  Her wedding coordinator and caterer were both fairly reasonably priced as well, especially if you consider the cost of all the time involved with planning a wedding.

Here are pictures of the entry area.  I didn't get a picture of the whole entry area, just some close-ups.  The lighting was dimmed and they had a DVD playing of the couple.  The movie had photos of the bride and groom as children, teens, and also when they were dating and engaged. People loved seeing that as they walked in.

At the bottom right corner of the picture below, you can see a "Project Life" book that the couple used instead of a traditional sign-in book.  Each guest wrote on a small card that would later be placed in the album mixed in with pictures.  What a great idea.  There was a small white metal cart-style table on the side for people to write their message on the cards and a cute box to put the notes in.  The display below was on a dresser that they brought to the site.

Love the cool chalkboard sign.  They used a chalk marker to write on there.  Also notice the cool metal card holder to house all the wedding cards that people brought in.  My job was to be in charge of the gifts and the sign-in notes.  It was really fun to greet people.  (Note: Never leave the gift area unattended because strangers have been known to run in and grab gifts/cards at receptions.) They also had two beautiful quilts displayed that were given to Eryn by grandparents.

Loved the popcorn bar that they had. This was also a big hit with the younger crowd. They also brought out 5 or 6 tin shakers with different seasonings after I took these pictures.

Here's a "big picture" of the whole scene.  I loved how they had the lights hanging from a pole in the middle and going out to poles on the edges of the area.  It really made it feel cozy and it was nice not to have to decorate the church walls since the focus was taken away from that area.

Next to the lights, they had twine hanging as well with doilies folded over and glued together.  Love it!

The tables were all decorated differently but coordinated overall with the theme.  Some of the tables were normal size and some were smaller.

The drink table was in the middle of the room.  The main pole for the hanging lights went up from the pole which was a good way to handle the pole without looking awkward.  They served water and punch (2 containers of each).

 The backdrop for the receiving line was simple but tasteful.  Note the darling bride Eryn in the picture (love that girl!).  She made her own bouquet.  I'll try to see if I can get an upclose picture of it.

Here are other decoration from around the room, mainly from the food area.  The food wasn't out when I took the pictures before the reception though.  They served foods that the couple liked - waffles and crepes with toppings.  The food was a hit although the caterer said it was hard to keep the waffles crisp.  The crepes were much easier to handle.

Love the tissue paper pom poms.  The darker ones were made from old sewing patterns that they found at a thrift shop. The bride made the heart garland of yarn.

Cake table was totally darling with another chalk sign.  They had a cake and mini cupcakes.


When I get the contact information, I will post the details about the wedding coordinator in case anyone in Mesa, Arizona area would like to hire her or the caterer.  It was a wonderful night.

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