Monday, February 8, 2016

Scripture Timers and Poem

I love to read the scriptures and want to encourage my son, nieces and nephews to feel the joy that I feel from reading them everyday.  I bought these three minute timers on Amazon Prime and wrote a poem to go with them so encourage them in their personal studies.  I hope they will enjoy using the timers.

Make TIME for Scripture Study
How many hours are in a day?
We can work, learn, sleep and play.
Make time for scriptures everyday!
You’ll learn from what the prophets say.

Ponderize, pray and be happy and strong,
And learn to choose between right and wrong.
Parables, lessons, lots to learn and know.
You’ll feel the spirit and testimonies will grow.

Remember to treasure all that you read.
Heavenly Father loves his children indeed.
He gave us scriptures because of His love,
So we can return to Heaven above.

Just like we brush our teeth every day
Reading scriptures should be treated that way.
We take care of our bodies and also our souls;
In both areas we set some important goals.

This reading timer shows you three little minutes,
So you’ll know when to start and when to end it.
Flip it again if you’d like to double your time,
And flip it once more to read for nine.

Whether you choose to read for nine, six or three,
You’ll be blessed for your efforts and very happy.


DeAnna Browne said...

Love this! Great idea.

DeAnna Browne said...

Love this! Great idea.