Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Black, White & Gold Wedding Reception

I attended an awesome wedding reception last month and thought I'd share some pictures and ideas for all you future brides out there.

They had this cute chalkboard sign in the entry area near the sign in table.

This was the sign in table.  

Instead of a traditional sign in book, they had a fingerprint activity which was so fun!

People could make a little character out of their fingerprints and then also sign their names.  (Don't worry, they had little cut up diaper wipes to clean off your fingers.)

The reception was held in the gym at church but they managed to make it not look like that.  Love the checkerboard dance floor that they brought in and also the fabric and lights they drooped across the 

Here's a close up of how they fabric hung at the bottom so that it would look nice and finished.

This adorable seating area was located before you arrived to the receiving line area.

The centerpieces were simple but very nice.

This was the receiving line area (obviously taken before the party started!).

The dessert table was just beautiful!  I took a ton of pictures.  Many of the desserts came from Costco.  Others were homemade.  Everyone loved the assortment of desserts.

 Displaying the cookies in a drawer - great idea!

The tiered wooden shelves were a cute way to display the mini cupcakes.

Our friend made the cake based off a picture from Pinterest.  Amazing!

This soda bar was popular.  They hired someone to bring it in and serve all the drinks (no charge to the guests).

I love these lights from Costco.  $49.99 for a 48 foot string of these indoor outdoor lights.  I think they used five or six strands.
In fact, I love these lights to much that I have them up in my own backyard and also in my family room year round.  They make me happy!

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