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Friday, May 9, 2008

FHE Idea - Abrahamic Covenant

Here’s a great object lesson that my sister-in-law did for her seminary students.

Abrahamic Covenant FHE

Today we had a great day in seminary. I told the students there were 4 parts to the Abrahamic covenant, then I wrote the first 3 on the board (1. Land-Celestial kingdom; 2. Posterity; 3. Gospel/Priesthood). Then I told them I needed a quick little snack before giving them the 4th promise. At that point I whipped out a placement, huge bowl of ice cream, chocolate and caramel toppings, sprinkles, and spray whipped cream. I made myself a massive Sundae, spraying whipped cream into my mouth and ooohing and ahhhing the whole time. Then I put on an old Bugs Bunny baby bib and dug in. The boys started protesting that they wanted some, and why wasn't I sharing. About the time they were ready to lynch me, I told them to guess what the 4th promise is. They figured out that it's the opportunity to spread the gospel to all nations/missionary work. I explained to them that it's not okay to sit in front of everyone else with all of these great blessings and not share. And I pointed out that while we generally think of missionary work as our big favor to Heavenly Father, he is actually giving the opportunity to us as His gift to us. It was grand fun, and now I have to do the same lesson 2 more times tomorrow. I still have a stomach ache (I only ate the whipped cream and toppings--I'm using the same bowl of ice cream for all three classes, so I'll probably only gain 30 pounds from this object lesson).


Patrick and Paige said...

This is great! I'm going to bring a giant bowl of cookies and eat them in front of my gospel doctoring class! Thanks for the awesome object lesson idea:)

Edmond Cheval said...

It is a very great idea...Am going to do that in my Doctrine class..Thank you so much.