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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Poem - Nursery (No Sick Kids Please!)

We posted this outside our nurseries on cute paper. Some people tend to send their children to Nursery or Primary even when they have very snotty noses, a cough or if they were sick the night before. They say "oh, it is just allergies" or "they don't have a fever anymore because I gave them Tylenol" or sometimes they just don't really notice. The Nursery can be a very germy place if standards are not set and maintained. This poem was a light-hearted way of reminding people of the rules. Sick kids need to stay home from church.

We all like to play, have fun and share.
But sharing our germs can be quite unfair.
Children get sick, you know this is true.
At a moment’s notice they’re down with the flu.
So, please keep them home with the sniffles or cough.
Everyone in the nursery will be much better off!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this, thank you so much!! I am not too creative and have been looking for something like this for over an hour on line!