Saturday, January 19, 2013

ABC Scavenger Hunt

We had a 14th birthday party for my son tonight.  For our activity, we had an ABC Scavenger Hunt that was really fun.  I bought a pack of colored rubber bands from Walmart for $0.67 (red, blue and yellow) and divided the boys and girls into 3 teams.  We had 8 kids per team.  I gave each team a clipboard with a form attached. As a team, they had to use one phone (or camera) and find items for each letter of the alphabet.  They needed to take a picture of the item in ABC order, not skipping around from random letter to random letter. They weren't allowed to take pictures of people and could only get 2 items per house when they knocked on doors.  It was really fun and my husband and I were really surprised at their creative answers.  It took them around 30 minutes to do the scavenger hunt.  Then we had nachos and churros and played some other indoor games as well as a little basketball.  This game could also be adapted for younger kids and for more educational purposes.

I had a back of candy for each team for a prize.  These kids are 8th graders so my prizes were a little sarcastic and playful because I knew the kids would think it was funny.

For the two "loser" prizes, I gave one team a bag of Blow Pops and the other team a bag of small Airheads with signs on them.  The "winning" team got a bag of assorted mini Milky Way candies.  They inhaled the candy.

Overall a really fun night.  I am grateful my son has good friends who make wise choices.

PS - I just made this game up and didn't take it from another website.  Feel free to use my ideas or alter them to make them your own.


Patricia said...

CANNOT WAIT to try this -- working on an intergenerational event (we are a very small church) that gets us into our small community ("village"). Prayers for the event on July 31st appreciated! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING! And I love the image of the Armour of God hanging in our closet! Thank You!

Pam said...

Sounds like a wonderful event! Will pray for it to go well for your guys. :)