Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Prophet Receives Revelation for the Church - Primary Lesson 15, Manual 5

Here's a handout that I made to go with my Primary Lesson today.  I chose to include the story from the last General Conference that President Monson shared about when he was a little boy and started a forest fire because I thought the kids would remember the lesson.  Click HERE to read President Monson's complete talk called "Obedience Brings Blessings."

Click HERE to read the entire Primary lesson called "The Prophet Receives Revelation for the Church."

I am personally so grateful to have a living prophet on the earth today who receives revelation from God.

I agree with President Dieter F. Uchtdorf who said, "Because Heavenly Father loves His children, He has not left them to walk through this mortal life without direction and guidance.  That is why He pleads so earnestly with us through His prophets.  Just as we want what is best for our loved ones, Heavenly Father wants what is best for us."

Click HERE to watch a video about why we need living prophets.  As God's children, it makes perfect sense to me that He would send prophets to earth to guide us.  This is one of the reasons I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints contains the fullness of the gospel.  There are lots of great churches and religions out there, but to contain the fullness of the gospel, we need a living prophet and also the priesthood authority from God to perform ordinances such as baptism.  Logically and spiritually this makes perfect sense to me.  I dearly love and appreciate President Thomas S. Monson as he serves as a living prophet on this earth.


Devon said...

Hi, I am Michelle Walton's friend. I love this! I'm going to share this with my class today---hope you don't mind....will give you the credit! Hailey is in my class so she'll be able to tell you the story!! You are awesome just like your sister!!

Pam said...

Thanks Devon! I am so happy that you'll share it with my sweet Hailey and the rest of your class. I'll try to post my lesson handouts earlier in the week since you guys are on the same lesson as us. If you have something that you make, feel free to email it to me at and I'll post it on the blog :)