Sunday, April 28, 2013

Vietnam War Project

My junior high age son did an awesome "scrapbook" project on the Vietnam War.  He did a thorough job in his research but I would still double check the facts if you are looking for official information and we took a lot of the pictures off of google so some of them may be copyrighted.  I know other students may be tempted, but please don't copy the report because that would be cheating, right?

I helped him with the layout and  graphics (thank you Stampin' Up for the great background pages) but the thoughts and writings are his own.  The pretend newspaper article is something that really happened to our family in July 2008 in Washington D.C. but I changed the names since I don't put our private info "out there."   I highly recommend that everyone takes their children to Washington D.C. at some point in their childhood if they can pull it off.  Best trip of our lives.

I sure wish I had really studied this war earlier in my life (or paid more attention in school).  I wonder if the war was too "raw" and controversial to discuss since it ended when I was in elementary school.  I had so many Vietnamese students at my high school whose parents had escaped from Vietnam after the war.  We called them "boat people" since they arrived on boats and I honestly didn't give much thought as to why they wanted to come to America.  In hindsight, I wish I had been more sensitive and compassionate to their plight, or the plight of their parents.


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