Saturday, May 4, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Quotes for IKEA Frames

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up and I am in charge of doing cute, fun stuff for the 70+ teachers at our elementary school.

Well, I LOVE LOVE LOVE these IKEA frames for $0.99.

I've used them myself a ton for parties, showers, wedding receptions, etc. and I knew the teachers would find good uses for them too.  And for $0.99, that is just a screaming deal.  IKEA rocks that way.

So I designed some cute pictures to go in the frame.  The frame fits a 4x6 inch picture and I develop my pictures at Costco for $0.13 plus tax.

I made one picture that says "Please Sign-in Here" and did it in our school's color theme with the school mascot on it (not pictured due to privacy concerns).  The teachers can use those signs for Back to School Night, Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences, etc.  Practical, yet cute and the total cost of frame and 2 pictures is less than $1.50 per teacher.

Then I made a bunch of quotes so that the teachers could display them on their desk for everyday use.  I did a variety of color themes and will let the teachers pick one each (first come, first served).  They could also put family pictures or something else and it is double sided so you can display two pics at once.

I used Stampin' Up's My Digital Studio graphics to design them.  They have a cool program you can use to design cards, invitations, etc.  I highly recommend it and no, I don't sell Stampin' Up and I do not get paid to say that LOL.  I designed my pics on PowerPoint (which I'm addicted to) and just inserted graphics from the Stampin' Up package I purchased.

I know the teachers are going to love these.  You can also use this same concept, with different quotes obviously, for Mother's Day, Young Women, birthdays, baptisms, etc.  Have fun with it!

See THIS POST for how I used these IKEA frames for a wedding reception.


Cuttysark said...

I love your collection of
Appreciation quotes, thanks for sharing!

Ildiko Cseh said...

THese came handy, thank you