Saturday, September 28, 2013

General Relief Society Broadcast 2013

I absolutely loved watching this broadcast on TV tonight.  All the talks were awesome but my favorite talk was given by Sister Linda Reeves at about 40 minutes into the video.  She spoke about enduring adversity and having faith through our afflictions.

The analogy she gave about the Provo Tabernacle (about 46 minutes into the video).  About three years ago, the Provo Tabernacle had a terrible fire that gutted the interior of that building.  Many wondered why the Lord would let this happen.  Ten months later, President Monson announced that that nearly destroyed tabernacle would be the sight of a new temple.  Suddenly we could see what the Lord had always known.  He didn't cause the fire, but he allowed the fire to strip away the interior.  The Lord allows us to be tried and tested.  When we feel like our lives have been burned to the ground, we should remember that God doesn't leave us in the ashes.  He's building our lives into magnificent temples.  This spoke to my heart and I will try to remember this when I am in the midst of a figurative fire.  Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will help me become something better than I am and better than I can even hope to be.

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2Bis2DO said...

Just found your blog through Pinterest and Scripture Study. Loving it. Thanks for sharing all you do.