Monday, October 28, 2013

Primary Airlines Activity

We did this fun "Primary Airlines" activity for our Primary Sharing Time for the children right after they finished doing the Primary Program at church.  We wanted to do something fun for them to show them how grateful we were for all of their hard work.  They memorized their lines, sang songs, and recited scriptures in front of a few hundred people (something many adults are afraid to do).  It was impressive!

Before the children arrived, we set up the Primary Room to look like an airplane.  A few printed airplane windows on the walls, chairs set up like airplane rows and aisles.  In the front of the room we had a big "Primary Airlines" sign.

We had the children line up in the hallway in front of a poster sized boarding sign and gave them each a boarding pass like this.

One of the gals and her family made a video that was projected on a screen in the room.  There were airplane sounds and the pilot spoke to the passengers throughout the movie.  They felt like they were on a flight.  There was even some turbulence and lightning along the way to add excitement.  We stopped at various countries and showed bits and pieces from this "One in a Million" page on the website.  For instance, for Australia, we would have the captain announce where we were landing and then we'd play a little show about a child from Australia.  It was a big hit!

Part way through our "flight," we served snacks and drinks on a cart, going up the aisles.

The theme of the month was missionary work, so we discussed that and as the children exited the flight, they received a "pass along card" to share with a friend.  They also received a pair of plastic airline wings with sticky tape on the back that were donated by SouthWest Airlines.

I'm sure the kids will remember this for a long time.  It could also work as part of a quarterly activity :)


Justin and Breanne said...

looks so fun! thanks for sharing!

Farrah said...

This sounds like a really fun activity! We are going to try it in our primary and I wondered if their was any way that you would be willing to share the airplane video that you used?