Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pastel Wedding Luncheon

Here are some pictures of the wedding luncheon that my friend Karri hosted after her son's morning wedding.  She created all the decorations and had all the food ready so all I had to do was set it up for her (along with my friend Tanya).  The bride loved pastels so Karri did the luncheon in that color scheme.

The serving table set-up was one long rectangular table in the middle with two round tables at either end.  It was attractive and balanced looking.

They ordered BBQ meat from a local vendor and it was delivered to the church.  That made things really easy.  She baked homemade rolls in advance and froze them.  We put them out to defrost the day before the luncheon. They were heavenly paired with the BBQ meat and sauces.

I made little faux chalkboard signs for each of the meats.  I designed the labels and then printed them at Staples from a memory stick (because who wants to print at home and use that much ink).  I designed them in PowerPoint using free chalkboard-looking fonts and a free background that I found online.  I also made the menu sign that way.

We served green salad and chips for sides. The chip baskets were from IKEA and Karri added some pastel tulle to decorate them. They had brownies for dessert (which she also made in advance).  I was too busy to get a good picture of the entire serving table once it was completed.

Chilled water bottles made it really easy because we didn't have to worry about refilling any dispensers or running out of cups.

They had brownies for dessert (which she also made in advance).  This was actually a tiered stand with four platters but a few of the platters were in the kitchen when I took this picture.  The balloons were supposed to be straight but I think we bumped them before we took the picture.

Plastic utensils were placed in little tins from the dollar section of Target. She made cute labels for them attached it with ribbon.

 I loved the cute and simple pennants she made to go around the tables.  It tied things together nicely.

I made this chalkboard sign for the dessert table.  My friend made simple squares with pastel fabrics to place as toppers on the serving tables.

I loved these fun balloons that added a pop of color to the event.  She attached balloons to long dowels, wrapped the balloons with tulle, tied it with a bow and then stuck the dowel in a wrapped container of playdough from the dollar store.  So fun!

For the table centerpieces, she had various pastel tablecloths.  We placed a 12x12 inch sheet of decorative paper as the base and then put an opened mason jar with pastel MnM's over that. She made these fun flowers out of coordinating paper.  Luckily she had everything ready so we just had to stick them on the tables.  She had another crew of people to set-up all the tables and chairs and yet another group to help with clean-up.

The luncheon went off without a hitch.  It was easy because my friend Karri planned in advance, had everything organized, and coordinated enough helpers so that no one was burned out.  Everyone had a great time, including those of us who helped.  I have all sons so I someday when I need to host a wedding luncheon I will remember what a great job Karri did in planning it and getting it pulled off.

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