Saturday, July 25, 2015

Worth the Wait - A BYU Pathways College Assignment

My sister-in-law, Michelle, wrote this awesome letter for a project in her BYU Pathways English class. I was really impressed and asked her if I could share it.  The assignment involved to write a love letter to an object.

Michelle has enjoyed attending BYU Pathways.  She does all the work on-line and once a week she attends a local gathering with other students to discuss coursework.  This has allowed her to work toward her college degree while being a stay at home mom.  It is affordable (around $65/credit) and convenient.  I am so proud of her!  Here is a link with more information in case anyone is interested in pursuing their degree.  

Worth the Wait
My Dearest Love,     I remember the day we reunited again after nearly 15 years. Seeing you there brought back fond memories of why I missed you, and strong desires to never abandon you again. While basking under the sun, I noticed you were resting on a chair. You looked lonely. I nearly heard your silent call for friendship, companionship, and adventure. I was hesitant to greet you, mainly because I did not want to commit to what you had to offer. However, as the gentle summer wind blew your cover open, I could not deny that our time spent together had always filled my own loneliness, and I remembered how much I had missed going on wild adventures with you.     Without further reservation, I picked you up and held you tight to my heart. How could I have left you? Your words, stories, and wisdom had never failed me. I was the one that had failed you! Silently, I cried for your forgiveness. When I finally got brave and picked you up, you gave me butterflies and I was reminded of why I fell deeply in love with you. I was elated to see that you could still help me escape from the daily routine and give me hope and comfort when I needed extra attention. It made me long for more time with you, and I wondered how I could fit you in more often into my life. Why had we stayed away from each other for so long? You surprised me how appealing you had become; you made it so hard to put you down at night. I was even willing to lose a full night of sleep so I could find out what happed at the end of the story. Thank you for changing my life and for stealing me away when I’m having a bad day, or even feeling overwhelmed and need a pick me up. It has been entertaining to visit all these stunning places, solving murders, being inspired, and seeing the girl get her dream guy. You have stolen my heart away as you take me on the journey of a lifetime, and I look forward to being taken away to many more amazing destinations. My love for you grows stronger every day as I find time to spend with you. I love the person I’m rediscovering and I owe it all to you.Love you Forever,Michelle

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