Saturday, August 6, 2016

Red, Black and White Wedding Reception (with a Nod to Comic-Con!)

Loved attending my friends' daughter's wedding reception.  This couple loves Comic-Con but they didn't do the reception in that theme (although they were tempted!).

Here are a few subtle Comic-Con things at the reception:

These characters were in a cute frame on the sign in table.

Notice the Batman symbols on the cake.
Can you spot the Batman symbol?

Here's a fun keepsake that they made to go on the sign-in table.

Instead of a sign-in book, they had people write messages on these wooden puzzles.  Clever!

This decorated table blocked (or tried to block) people from going down the wrong hallway.

They used a bench to store gifts and a the metal basket for cards.

This was the receiving line area. They bought the lit backdrop.

Centerpiece with fresh flowers.

The ice cream bar was a total hit with everyone.  The father of the bride made the structure and they put it on a long table.

They had several labeled jars with toppings.  I took this picture at the end of the reception so it wasn't quite as pristine looking.

They decorated the top of the ice cream bar with these cute things.

Smart thinking to have cute little helpers (aka brothers) to serve the ice cream.  That helped with portion and mess control.

They had these candy jars in the background behind the ice cream bar to make it look cute.

Kids area with a paper table covering to color on.  Brilliant!

Delicious food was served - pulled pork, rolls, pasta salad, and more.

Love how the serving table was lit up underneath.

This water area in the middle camouflaged the stand that was holding the strung lights up.

Top of the pole that held the lights up.

They had Costco string lights strung from the middle pole to the four corners of the room.  Love those lights!  The centerpieces were off the tables when I took this pic.

The photo area was a success.  They had various printouts that people could hold up and then a black backdrop to stand in front of. I made the fake chalkboard sign and had it printed at Staples.

These custom signs were created by a local artist.  She can be found on Instagram @freckledprints

 They serve a delicious cake (to go with the ice cream bar). I made the chalkboard sign that said, "The Best Things in Life are Meant to be Shared... Especially cake!" I designed this fake chalkboard on the computer and had it printed at Staples (like I did with the photo booth one). Then I placed it in a white frame that I had and used a black rod iron easel from home.

Love how the cake table was lit up.  So romantic!

Sparkler send off!  Best wishes to the happy couple!

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