Friday, August 12, 2016

Rustic and Romantic Wedding Luncheon

Two of my son's best friends were married and it was a wonderful day. We love this adorable couple!

The luncheon that the groom's family provided was delicious and the decorations were beautiful. They served pulled pork with BBQ sauce, homemade rolls, honey butter, potato salad, baked beans in little cups, corn, and fresh fruit.  White cloth tablecloths had a burlap topper and then fresh flower arrangements.

The fruit structure in the middle of the tables was really fun.  It was also smart to have two serving tables with the exact same items to help with line control.

The awesome wooden sign in the backdrop was made by the groom.  I heard rumors that it could become their headboard later.

 Lemonade, water, and IBC root beer hit the spot since it was a super hot day.

They served desserts and drinks on the same table.

What a cute little "Happily Ever After" sign to dress up the table.

They served small servings of brownies and bar cookies labeled with chalkboard signs.  My favorite thing was the mint brownies (not pictured). Yum!

They also played a fun game in front of everyone at the reception.  Bride and groom were seated back to back.  They gave each other one of their shoes so they each of them had a bride shoe and a groom shoe. Then the cute couple was asked questions such as "Who said I love you first?" and then independently they had to hold up the correct shoe to answer the question.

I'm not sure if the game coordinator created their own questions or found them online.  Here's a website that I found online that explained the game well and listed a bunch of questions. (The picture is from their website too).

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