Saturday, August 13, 2016

Rustic & Romantic Wedding Reception

This wedding reception was AMAZING! 

The bride really didn't want a "cultural hall" reception at the church but decided to have it there anyway out of convenience and affordability. It turned out incredibly beautiful and proved that even a basketball court can be transformed into a magical scene.

How darling is this couple?  They are not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside.  I can't even tell you how incredible they are.  They will have a wonderful life together.

Entry area.  They used a piece of furniture from their future home.

What a cute way to have your guests sign in.

The gift area was right near the entry door.  The beautiful table was made by one of our friends and they mainly used pallets.  It was a lot of work to create it but it sure is lovely.

The bride and groom greeted guests in front of this cool wooden backdrop.  The bride's parents purchased it from someone locally who had made it for their child's wedding before and it will be saved to use for future weddings (lot of daughters!).

The seating area was beautiful.  I love that they had Costco lights hanging throughout the room.  They used 10 strands and I believe they hired someone to hang them up.

Pictures of the tables (before flower centerpieces were added)
For the tables, they used long white round tablecloths and then burlap toppers.  A lace runner went over the burlap.  The white chairs added a classy touch and the burlap that was wrapped around the chairs was a nice touch.

Close up of centerpiece with fresh flowers.

You can't really tell in the above picture, but these little wood stands went under the fresh flower arrangements.

This was a fun backdrop for the small wedding cake.  Unfortunately I took the picture before the wedding cake was put out on the brown circular hat box but you can get the idea and use your imagination.

 Since the happy couple met while working at Bahama Buck's Shaved Ice Company, they decided to serve shaved ice at the reception. They chose syrup flavors that were white in color to help keep the church building clean.

They rented the ruffled backdrop to help make things look fancy.

The groom and his dad made this amazing serving furniture piece.  I took a few pictures of it in case anyone wants to get ideas on how to make their own.

They put some adorable little decorations on top of the serving area.

They also served a bunch of fresh fruit that was prepared by friends and family.

They had platters and large bowls of fruits along with this giant tiered fruit display.  We put lettuce out on the tiers and then randomly placed fruit on the lettuce.  Lastly we put the top of a pineapple on there for fun.

The beverage area was simple but classy.  I love it when people use interesting furniture pieces at a reception. 

Here are pictures of other decorations from the reception.  The groom and his dad also made this cool photo display board.  I posted pictures of the back too in case someone wants to copy it.  I like copying things from other people.

One of the groomsmen and one of the bridesmaids.  Two of our favorite people! 

 DJ Table (they even made that cute)

 The dancing was awesome!

Check out these fancy pants dancers!

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