Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Book Review - Bible Origami by Todd Huisken

Let me start by saying that this book makes me happy. I will explain.

Since my youth, I have struggled with spatial things. Things such as folding paper airplanes and answering those test questions that involve imagining how an unfolded patterned cube would look when folded back up. These things tend to frustrate me and make me feel helpless.

Fast forward to my adulthood. Todd Huisken (creator of Bible Origami) reached out to me to review his new origami book.  Todd was my dear friend during our freshman year of college but after we graduated we lost touch. We reconnected when he found my blog and asked me if I would give an honest review his book.

Author, Todd Huisken

Todd sent me a copy of his book, "Bible Origami," along with some paper so that I could try creating some of his designs. (I'd kept my spatial inadequacies hidden so he had no idea how challenging this would be for me.)

So I bravely sat down to try my hand at "Bible Origami."  I started with making Joseph's Coat of Many Colors. I followed the directions and illustrations exactly. Imagine my surprise and delight when I was able to do it! I literally screamed out, "LOOK WHAT I MADE!" (Sure, my family mocked me a bit for my over-enthusiasm but they were happy for me.)

I made this!
This is the one Todd made.  He did a good job too :)
Then I got excited and started making some more things from the book.

I made the FISH from the Fishes and Loaves parable.

I made the simple version of NOAH'S ARK (they have two higher skill level ark designs that I will try later).

I invited my son to come play with me and make origami.

He is more spatially gifted than I am so he tried a "skill level 3" project and he did a great job!

My son's lion. We probably should add a cute face on it.
The author's lion.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Todd Huisken's Bible Origami book.

Here are the top 5 reasons that this book is AMAZING:

1) Anyone can do this!  Even people with no natural ability (like me) can do this with the easy instructions and diagrams in the book. They can start with the easier designs and then work their way up to the more complex ones. And all you need is the book and some paper to fold.

2) Keeping wiggly hands busy! Let's face it, folding the service programs at church into paper airplanes is maybe not the most appropriate activity.  Kids (or adults) can learn to create origami that is related to the gospel instead.  Busy hands = quiet, reverent children.

3) Reinforce lessons! At church last Sunday the children had a lesson about the Ten Virgins. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool to have the kids make their own origami lamp as a follow-up to studying this parable? They could do this at the end of their class, or with their families or church group during the week. It could also be used in home-schooling or religious schools.

4) Missionary tool! How fun would it be to have a missionary teach someone a parable from the Bible and then make an origami item to leave behind as a keepsake? Or perhaps to leave a note on an origami creation when trying to reach someone who isn't home.

5) Family fun! Families can work on this together. This is a great way for people to use hand-eye coordination and to increase their spatial abilities and confidence.  It is also a great Sabbath-day activity for families.  Family members can create their own figures to teach lessons at Family Night or this can be a Family Home Evening group activity.

I'm so glad Todd asked me to review his book.  What started out as an intimidating task turned into a delightful activity that increased my confidence.  I plan on sharing this book with my nephews and nieces next.

For more information you can visit the following:
Website - Scriptureorigami.com
Facebook Site - https://www.facebook.com/scriptureorigami/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

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