Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas SOCKING

My friend Stephanie and I created this fun Christmas service activity.  It is sort of like "boo-ing" at Halloween, but you use a stocking.

I wanted to make this simple and easy so I made this cute handout, laminated it, and attached it permanently to the stocking and calling it good. This way no one has to be burdened with making copies like you do with boo-ing. You can buy stockings from the dollar store and put any simple treat inside.

Since I am starting this up in my neighborhood, we are using four stockings with poems instead of just one.  That way the tradition will spread more quickly.

Click HERE to go to GoogleDocs and get this shorter version of the poem in color as a PDF file.

Click HERE to get this longer version of the poem in color as a PDF.

Click HERE to get a PDF file of this black and white version on Google Drive.

NOTE: Due to the popularity of this initial post, I created a few more versions of this "Christmas Socking" poem.  Enjoy!  By the way, there is a GoogleDrive link for each of the poems so that you can get PDF files to print.  If that doesn't work for you or if you want a PowerPoint version to edit, you can email me at pamthemom@gmail.com and tell me what you'd like me to send to you.  I wrote the poems so feel free to copy them without feeling guilty :)

 For the OFFICE - Click HERE to get a PDF

For teachers to do at school (teachers and staff participating, not kids) - Note, I changed the turn-around time to 24 hours and also made it end the last day before holiday break.  Click HERE to get the PDF file.

For a friend (who isn't necessarily a neighbor).  Click HERE to get the PDF.

I received an email from a blog reader who requested a version that could be used for her friends who celebrate holidays other than Christmas.  The whole "stocking" theme can't really be eliminated but I substituted out the word Christmas for Holidays instead so she could share the fun with friends of different religious backgrounds.  Click HERE to get a PDF.

Some blog readers requested that I create a sign for people to put up after they've been "socked" so here ya go!

Click HERE to get a PDF file of these "We've Been Socked" signs (2 per page) on Google Drive.

Click HERE to get the PDF file of "I've Been Socked" signs (2 per page) on Google Drive.  These might work better for an office or school setting.

Happy socking!  Spread the tradition!


Ruth said...

Thank you for this lovely idea - I have posted to my Facebook page and offered to print and laminate for any of my friends so we can start this little christmas goodness. Blessings of the season to you xxxoo Ruth Western Australia

Anonymous said...

This is such a wonderful idea. I LOVE doing this like throughout the year.

Would you mind sharing some ideas of what people have put in these stockings? Thanks so much!

Merry Christmas!

Pam said...

I just put candy in there to make it easy and hassle free. I would put something homemade in there but I would be afraid someone wouldn't eat it since they didn't know who made it.

Anonymous said...

How do you know if someone has been 'socked' yet or not?

Pam said...

You don't really know if someone has been socked or not. But who wouldn't mind being "socked" more than once, right? :)

Anonymous said...

Could you please post one that says enjoy the surprise and say like for a special friend, instead of neighbor, teacher, etc.?
I love this idea!

Carrie said...

Can I get a pdf format?

Peanut5131984 said...

This is such a great idea! I want to start it at work tomorrow. If you email it to me, can I edit some of the words?

Pam said...

I am happy to email you guys this poem in different formats but you'll need to send me your email address. My email is pamthemom@gmail.com. :)

Lynette said...

Pam, can I get a PDF version of them. Thanks, it's a very cute idea. Lynette

Pam said...

Hi Lynette - If you email me at pamthemom@gmail.com, I would be happy to email you PDF versions which will be easy to print :)

Unwed Housewife said...

This afternoon I found a stocking with the first version attached tucked under my windshield as I was leaving work in Stockton, CA. This is a cute idea and I can't wait to pass it on tomorrow!

jodib said...

This is such a cute idea and I already have several friends I can't wait to surprise. Thanks so much.

sasha concepcion said...

It is a good idea, i might consider it this christmas. And oh, lovely poem. Thank you!


Luella said...

I LOVE the idea! but I live in an area where many people celebrate not only Christmas, but also Hanukkah. Can you please email me a "Holiday stocking" version of the poem? my email is luella.pinelli@gmail.com. Thank you!

Pam said...

Great idea Luella! I added it to the original post and will also email it directly to you.

Sarah Bowen said...

This is such a brilliant idea! Actually last year, we have also used some short Christmas poems for cards and gift tags. I really love the poem your put on your Christmas socking. Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

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